This is my current infatuation ( of them, anyway), and is the one (semi-)serious historical project in the Factory's lab.  Though still very much works-in-progress, the games are being made available to the general public in order to gain feedback from as great a pool of people as possible --either from reading or playtesting.  They are most definately NOT finished...not even close.  Rather than infant, they would be better described as larval.  They has seen very limited playtesting (you could count the games played so far on your fingers and not have to put down your beer), and have been seen / read by a similarly small number of people (outside of my family) --though the large number of hits on the MiniatureWargaming site leads me to think that perhaps that number is larger?...dunno.  Anyway: finding discrepencies or errors or omissions is not to be regarded as "big news".  Also: the numbers in the games (modifiers, ratings, etc...) are just best guesses to get by on so that the concept can be evaluated --no surprise will be registered on my part if you discover an error in any of said numbers.  That said (if you're not scared away yet) I would sincerely appreciate any comments / opinions / questions you may wish to send my way concerning the rules and/or your attempts to actually play a game using them.  I am by no means an expert --at either game design or WW1 aircombat-- so fire away and have no concern for my "delicate sensibilities".

The games are very different from the majority of aircombat games availabIe, so I highly recommend reading through the "Design Blather" to gain an understanding of their framework before diving into the rules themselves.  Looking at the slideshows of playtest games and sample moves and such on the Factory's photobucket page could provide useful visual clues to how the things work --having a pint of something nice at your elbow while reading the rules wouldn't hurt, either!

Since the premier of this page, I've come up with yet another version of the game (once a tinkerer...), so that things may be a bit confusing.  The original games were  "Dogfight!" and its introductory version "Dogfite!" --most of the downloads on the menu below pertain to them.  The new version is "Watch Algy Dogfight!", and has rules, aircraft log, and reference card available in the download menu --the items for the new game are identified by the acronym "WAD".

Get copies of Don's spiffy Rules:

Dogfight! Downloads: 
Design Blather (pdf 74KB)
Rules (pdf 163KB)
Player Guide (pdf 46KB)
Aircraft Logs (pdf 7KB)
Aircraft Data (pdf 28KB)
Reference Card (pdf 25KB)
Scenario - Victoria Cross (pdf 24KB)
Dogfite! - Simple Rules (pdf 199KB)
WAD! Downloads:
WAD Rules (pdf 84KB)
WAD Reference Card (pdf 13KB)
WAD Aircraft Log (pdf 7KB)

The Editor of the Miniature Wargaming site has kindly allowed space in the Forums for discussion of the game.
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