We Do Catering!!
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Small Bottles (12oz)
Single $2.00
4-pack $7.00
6-pack $10.00
24-case $38.00

Large Bottles (22oz)
Single $3.50
2+ bottles $3.00/ea
12-case $36.00
5-gal Keg $38.00 (+$5 setup fee)

At Market Only
8oz Cup $1.00
16oz Cup $1.50
Root Beer Float $2.00



Current Products


Root Beer


Our flagship product is root beer.  It is a creamy blend made from 2 different concentrated extracts (root beer and birch beer).  After a few years of experimentation, this recipe was settled upon in 1998.


Cream Soda


Many folks have liked the creaminess of our root beer and wondered how we would do with cream soda.  We solicited feedback on several recipes during the winter of 2005 and have settled on one.  It is available now, but will have its grand introduction in May 2005 with the opening of the Prior Lake Farmer's Market.


Orange Soda

The household matron and son are fond of Orange Soda.  We experimented during the winters of 2005 and 2006.  Erik eventually overcame our quality control problems and we have another hit and have sold it regularly beginning with the 2007 farmers market.  As with the other flavors, this is special with vanilla ice cream.

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