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Home Made Root Beer since 1994

The Wife Kicked Us Out of the House,
so We Built a New Brewery, April-May 2006

Since 1994, Mark has been borrowing Laurel's kitchen for his brewing activities.  Occasionally, the brewing may move out onto propane burners, but inevitably, he was using the kitchen for bottling, labeling, cleaning, etc.  With the advent of the root beer sales at the Prior Lake Farmers Market and the volume exceeding anyone's most optimistic projections, she insisted to have her kitchen back by the end of the 2006 market season.

So Mark & Erik sat down and started to jot down some ideas.  Upstairs loft with bedroom, shower, and stool for guests (and when Laurel kicks us out to the dog house).  Attached machine shed.  And many other grandiose ideas.  In the end, we had visions of a 30x60 building, in-floor heat, walk-in cooler, and NSF equipment (including a stainless steel 3-bassin sink).  We even built a LegosŪ model to visualize the concept better.  While visiting the 2005 Minnesota State Fair, we discovered GenCon Construction in Jordan, Minnesota.  They built an EPS solid core building with lots of insulation, etc., and took kindly to the idea of building a "little shed" for a man's brewing hobby.  After some negotiations of cost, schedule, and features - the plans were drawn up for a 28'x52' shed, floating concrete slab floor with in-floor heat, a 8'x8' walk-in cooler, a 12'x8' storage closet, lights, electric, water, and a 15'x30' patio in front.  After the location moved up to the top of the hill behind the house, it was clear that we had the plans for a real nice "shed".

Construction began the first week of April after a late March snowstorm.  We had to remove a half dozen trees to make room for the building - then there was excavation and the digging the trench for water & power from the house.  But in the end, Mark & Erik both love the building.  It pretty much finished up after 6 weeks in mid-May.  The naming of the building is still up in the air, but the current favorites are:

1. Glewwe's Castle Brewery

2. Glewwe's Castle Brewery and Gentleman's Club

3. Mark's Gentlemen's Club, serving the finest moonshine & roadkill

4. Glewwe's Castle Outhouse

5. Glewwe's Castle Speakeasy

6. The Brewpub

Feel free to make a suggestion and vote for your favorite.  Judges decisions are final.

The whole Glewwe family hopes you enjoy the results of this project.  Our products are still made by hand in keeping with a traditional old world charm.

We now have room for more production, research and development, and some entertaining.  In fact, Erik's High School graduation party was the first event to utilize the brewery entertainment facilities. We expect the annual corn feed will have a new venue, and Mark & Laurel are much more interested in renewing the annual Oktoberfest.  If you would like a tour of the brewery, please feel free to contact us.

A few Pictures of the Construction

Erik, the
The Entrepreneur
The final
                draft plans
The final draft plans
Let the
                construction begin
Let the construction begin
Lots of puzzle
There sure are a lot of pieces to this puzzle
The floor, with
                in-floor heat
Start with the floor, complete with in-floor heating
The walls
                  are braced upWith vapor barrier
                  and roofThe toupe siding
                  going on
The walls go up and up
                  & Water come from the house
And we get water & power from the house
Looking towards
                  the kitchen
And the inside is starting to take shape
Our new stainless
                  steel sink
And we found a SS Sink

A few Pictures of the "Finished" Building

Interior, SW
SW corner of interior, set up for Thanksgiving Dinner.
We do quite a lot of entertaining up at the brewery.
Interior, NW
NW corner of the interior, with a eternal Christmas Theme.
Notice the pub tables.
Interior, NE
NE corner of the interior, with casks, equipment, and the sink.
Interior, SE
SE Corner of the interior, with cooler, taps, 
and stein collection.
Brewery Sign
And we even have a sign welcoming our guests.

More photos to come as soon as the brewer takes some and downloads the photos.

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