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Mark enjoys drinking beer for its flavor and aroma. Mark has been brewing his own beer since 1994. He primarily crafts Ales, but also enjoys Cider, Mead, and Root Beer. Now that he has significant refrigeration, he has begun to venture into lagers.

As a result, Mark has found many local breweries, brew pubs, tasting festivals, and just taverns with a wonderful selection to choose from.  This is a survey of what he has learned:

  • Please Note: This is not an exhaustive listing. In fact, the availability of fine beers is constantly changing. I suggest looking at some of the free newspapers and other information available listed under Home Brewing News or Beer Mapping Project (a  good web site for brewpubs, stores, bars). I will try and keep on top of the local market within the Twin Cities (of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, USA). I will also try and keep an eye out for the market in the five state region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas). Please feel free to inform me of additional information.
  • Some Guinness was spilt on the barroom floor
    when the pub was shut for the night.
    Out of his hole crept a wee brown mouse
    and stood in the pale moon light.
    He lapped up the frothy brew from th'floor
    then back on his haunches he sat;
    And all night long you could hear him roar,
    "Bring on the god damn cat!"

    Current Events

    To save my sanity, I have moved all current events up with a the family calendar.  Hope you can sort it all out.

    Brewing Styles

    Life is too short to drink cheap beer.

    Take a look at a summary of Categories & Subcategories of Recognized Beer Syles (from BJCP and AHA).

    Beer Tasting & Festivals

    If it's good for ancient Druids,
    runnin' nekkid through the wuids,
    Drinkin' strange fermented fluids,
    it's good enough for me!

    There are lots of festivals, but I am primarily interested in festivals in the Twin Cities area ... or the five state region ... or having international fame. Come take a look at what I have found.

    Brew Pubs

    Brew Pubs are establishments that brew & serve on premise (usually with food). I am primarily interested in brew pubs in the Twin Cities area ... or the five state region ... or having international fame. Come take a look at what I have found.

    Also, may I also suggest the pub lists at:
    Homebrew archives
    Brewpubs around the World
    Institute For Brewing Studies' Breweries Around The World Index
    Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter
    Potomac Interactive Corporation's PubCrawler
    Beer Travelers Index
    Beer Expedition (tm) - North American Breweries
    Real Beer Page: Brew Tour


    There are several types of breweries: Micro, Regional, and Major. Breweries may also do contract brewing for other labels. There are also Brew on Premise breweries where "homebrewers" can make beer in a commercial grade environment. There are lots of breweries, but I am primarily interested in smaller breweries in the Twin Cities area ... or the five state region ... or having international fame.  Come take a look at what I have found.

    Brewing Humor & Quotable Quotes

    "Winston, you're drunk." 
         --Bessie Braddock to Winston Churchill 
    "Bessie, you're ugly.  But tomorrow I shall be sober.." 
         --Churchill's reply 

    Mark has collected a interesting set of humor and quotable quotes on brewing & drinking.  He invites you to smile and enjoy the lighter side of brewing.

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